Darrell Shipley (AEA, SAG-AFTRA) is a New York-based actor, comedian and writer.  He has been featured in such television shows as the CBS crime series, Numb3rs, and a recurring role in the famed HBO series, Boardwalk Empire.  He has appeared on hundreds of comedy club stages, from New York to Los Angeles. Darrell served as the warm-up comedian for the Discovery Channel Show, Go Ahead, Make My Dinner.  Mr. Shipley’s playwriting credits include a trilogy of one-act plays: The Purchase, The Viewing and The Meeting.  His screenplays include Crude Survival, Dog School (which has been optioned by the Showtime Network) and the recently completed short film, Cruise’s Big Day.  One of his proudest accomplishments, however, was his role as creator and cast member of Living Room Live, a NYC-based comedy troupe that wrote and produced new weekly shows for a five year run.  The group performed approximately 2,000 sketches and more than 230 live shows in New York City and in touring engagements across America’s Northeast.  Living Room Live was hailed as a showcase for “the freshest comedic talent in New York City” and gained interest from such media giants as HBO, Disney, ABC, CBS, NBC and Showtime.  Mr. Shipley is especially proud of this play, What It Takes To Feed A Pterodactyl, written about one of the people he loved most in his life.  He is married to another great love, dancer Rachel Russell.