What It Takes To Feed A Pterodactyl

Adventures Raising My Aging Parent

Written and Performed by Darrell Shipley

Directed by Padraic Lillis

Life happens when you least expect it. This heartwarming, poignant and humorous one-person show tells the story of what happens when roles are reversed between parent and child. Confronted with his mother’s illness, Darrell must make a choice, and this one choice will change a life and last a lifetime.

What People Are Saying About Pterodactyl

“I went from hysterically laughing to crying my eyes out.” Stacey Raymond
” ‘Pterodactyl’ is a rollercoaster ride that had us bending our emotions against our will.” Milliframe
“Darrell Shipley’s stirring performance expertly captures the absurd comedy and heartbreaking realty of caring for those we love most. Brilliantly crafted and not to be missed.” Eric Cotti
“Gripping, emotional personal story that is entertaining, funny and inwardly thought provoking.” Vince D’Angelo
“Darrell Shipley is a natural performer and wonderful actor. This is great storytelling at it’s finest and a real must see.” Chris Griggs
” ‘Pterodactyl’ deserves to be seen as a generous example of how to handle ourselves and others with grace, sacrifice and love.” Rob Eigenbrod
“This show will be a great comfort to a lot of people who learn that other people understand their pain.” Dennis Birchall
“After seeing the show twice, I thought about the love, loss and the humor we will all need to bear our parents’ (those earthly Gods) frailty and end…A show like this is truly needed.” John Dapolito
“ ‘Pterodactyl’ is a cross-generational show that people of all ages can relate to while cracking up at the same time.” Rachel Cora Wood
“ ‘Pterodactyl’ showed me something about life that I instantly recognized as deep wisdom and that I needed to apply this wisdom in my own life.” Kendra Lou
“Darrell Shipley’s ‘Pterodactyl’ is a very well written play that entertains, saddens and makes you laugh out loud.” Mimi Middleton
“We were blown away by Darrell Shipley’s incredible performance and this beautiful show that he created.” Hillary Johnson
“Darrell Shipley is a wonderful storyteller and ‘Pterodactyl’ is very funny, moving and enlightening one-man show that resonated with me a great deal.” Pamela Thomas
“Darrell Shipley’s rich and moving story hits on the universality of the younger generation needing to step up and care for their parents when age/illness catches up with them.” Catherine Rogala

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